Our clients talk about their coaching experience …

With several questions regarding the launch of my business, I was looking for the necessary tools to start it on the right foot. Jean’s coaching allowed me to become aware of the process to get there and to find the necessary confidence, this with active listening and great professionalism.


Coaching allowed me to find myself. Before I started coaching with Sylvie, I had lost the essence of myself, I was denigrating myself and I had lost all confidence in myself. Since coaching, I have regained my self-confidence, which allows me to know myself better and to make decisions while remaining true to my personal values.


With the coaching I have explored different avenues both personally and professionally, becoming aware of my fears and my blockages vis-à-vis change. The sessions are always very productive and revealing and the work done during them continues well beyond the coaching session, among other things, thanks to the various exercises offered. Sylvie accompanies me throughout this process and gives me the tools to find my own motivation in order to change all areas of my life. With the invaluable help of my coach, I realize my potential, I regain control of the situation and I walk towards new goals.


I was wrong to avoid talking to the bereaved about a deceased person. Fear of being clumsy and turning the iron in the wound, in the suffering. However, thanks to Sylvie’s wise advice, I dared to broach the subject of the premature death of a young woman to her bereaved parents. To my surprise, they were waiting for someone to approach them and talk about it, which had the effect, with attentive and benevolent listening, of putting a balm of comfort on a scar that will never fade.


Thanks to Jean’s coaching, I was able to define new strategies in order to regain confidence in my leadership abilities and to surpass myself. I have read a lot of theoretical leadership books, but never knew the challenge of putting these theories into practice. Jean’s invaluable advice has helped me find ways to make a real difference in my day-to-day managerial role. It made me aware, first, of my unique leadership style influenced by my values ​​and my experience, and secondly, of my actions which hindered my ability to reach my full potential. I am now a more confident and effective leader thanks to regular coaching and wise questioning from Jean, active listening and great professionalism.

I embarked on this process believing that it would be as heart-wrenching as my previous steps. What was my surprise to come out of each meeting with a calm soul and a light heart, but above all, having confidence that I have all the necessary levers to achieve my personal or professional goals, while remaining faithful to my personal values. .

I started coaching following a job loss after several years in the same company. I no longer knew what I wanted for my future years and I doubted my worth out of this business. Jean helped me achieve what I wanted and I found a job that fits perfectly with my personal values ​​and that highlights my strengths and qualities. Subsequently, I continued coaching from a completely different perspective, namely that of finding a balanced diet and having healthy lifestyle habits. Once again, Jean was able to help me realize my strengths and use them to feel in control in this aspect of my life which has been out of balance for several decades. Jean is very professional, available, flexible and is totally at our service!


Why choose us?


We are two coaches with complementary profiles and experiences at the service of our customers. We accumulate nearly 200 hours of support in personal or professional coaching.


Our coaching approach offers unique support in the face of the changes that our clients wish to make in their personal or professional lives.


Our clients obtain tangible results that allow them to leverage their assets, strengths and values in the achievement of their objectives of growth, fulfillment and satisfaction.

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