Personal coaching

Personal coaching is for anyone who wants
to equip themselves to:

The benefits

What are the benefits of coaching for people seeking change?

Whether to achieve personal or professional goals, a coaching approach can be useful at different times of life and in all kinds of circumstances, positive or negative, all of which are necessary to progress towards:

  • self-realization and self-confidence
  • a new apprenticeship such as during a change of job or in a difficult relationship
  • improved performance in personal life or at work
  • the achievement of significant objectives related to our values, strengths or interests in our relationships as a family, couple or with colleagues at work
  • a personal or professional transition, voluntary or imposed such as on the death of a loved one, separation or divorce, promotion, dismissal, reorganization, etc.

The approach

The conditions for a fruitful and progressive approach lie on four stimuli:

What does it mean to be coached?

The person coached must be consciously ready to invest throughout the coaching process. This self-investment is based on serious commitment and requires constant work and the implementation of concrete actions.

The role of the coach is to accompany and support the coachee through conversations and reflection tools aimed at clarifying the desired results and choosing the necessary actions so that the change is thus initiated and that it rests on a solid foundation.

The coach’s role is also to recommend in-depth work and to facilitate this avenue with the coachee.

Finally, the coach ensures that the person takes a step back from the path travelled, recognizes the learnings retained and appropriates the mechanisms of change used in order to develop autonomy and confidence in the face of future needs.

Why choose us?


We are two coaches with complementary profiles and experiences at the service of our customers. We accumulate nearly 200 hours of support in personal or professional coaching.


Our coaching approach offers unique support in the face of the changes that our clients wish to make in their personal or professional lives.


Our clients obtain tangible results that allow them to leverage their assets, strengths and values in the achievement of their objectives of growth, fulfillment and satisfaction.

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