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The five behaviours and dysfunctions of a team

Our tailor-made training program enables team members and leaders to acquire the skills and behaviours necessary for their teams to function more cohesively. These dynamic workshops provide practical information and strategies that participants can use immediately and apply on an ongoing basis.

The workshops we offer differ significantly from other types of team training. First, attention is focused on practical tools to improve each behavior or dysfunction. Then, rather than simply approaching theory as a prelude to improvement, workshop participants quickly take the first steps to become a more functional team.

This training is offered in three forms adapted to your needs and priorities: a two-day, one-day or half-day workshop. In the context of working from home, the one or two-day workshops are offered in segments of two or three hours.

The benefits

What are the benefits drawn by the participants in this training?

  • a common understanding of behaviors and dysfunctions that have a direct impact on team cohesion and productivity

  • the development of a greater degree of trust between all team members

  • the ability of team members to challenge themselves in debates and discussions that raise the real issues and thus improve decision-making

  • the creation of conditions conducive to a full commitment of the members to the decisions made by the team

  •  the willingness of all team members to be accountable for the efforts made to achieve the organization’s vision

  •  a constant and collective attention to achieving team and company results beyond individual interests