« Your life doesn’t get better by luck, it gets better by change » – Jim Rohn


Are you facing a professional situation that is causing you stress or that worries you? You have just obtained a promotion or a new mandate, lost your job, you are experiencing difficulties in your interpersonal relationships, you have conflicts with colleagues, employees or your boss? These few examples of possible situations where you are likely to find yourself stuck are as many inspirations as possible for change for which the accompaniment of an experienced coach can be of significant help. The quest for change is at the heart of coaching practice.

The source of the need for change

But what is fundamentally behind this need for change? This may include, for example, a feeling of discomfort in one’s abilities and means, insecurity in the face of a difficult or complex situation such as new responsibilities or a new boss, stress that affects performance or quality of life related to a clash between one’s values and those of one’s employer or superior, or frustration about the opportunities available in one’s organization. Whatever the circumstances, it is common and normal to find oneself in a deadlock in the face of a situation that generates this profound need for change.

How can coaching help you in your approach?

Our coaching approach ensures that we clearly identify the issue you are facing. Very often, we are confused about a particular situation. Our coaching offers the opportunity to clarify what matters to you and align with your strengths and values. Our approach creates conditions that make it possible to define what you want to achieve as the optimal result, to determine and identify the options available to you and to choose the actions that will ensure that you achieve your objectives.

With Double Impact Coaching’s process, you approach change with confidence! Go and trust yourself and let us know! We would be happy to help!