Personal, management and executive coaching

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We all aspire to live a fulfilling, well balanced and happy life.
How can you improve your life?

Coaching enables the individual to develop skills in order to find new ways of solving the issues he or she faces. Personal coaching helps to clearly identify strengths and points of improvement aimed at developing new capabilities to face the challenges that life can bring at an individual, relational or contextual level.

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The approach in professional coaching is aimed at people who encounter challenges in their professional life such as in their career, responsibilities, interpersonal relationships or other difficult situations at work.

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The winning teams are those who succeed in uniting their strengths for the benefit of the organization. Our tailor-made program allows team members and leaders to acquire the skills and behaviours necessary for the more cohesive and productive functioning of their teams.

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Why choose us?


We are two coaches with complementary profiles and experiences at the service of our customers. We accumulate nearly 200 hours of support in personal or professional coaching.


Our coaching approach offers unique support in the face of the changes that our clients wish to make in their personal or professional lives.


Our clients obtain tangible results that allow them to leverage their assets, strengths and values in the achievement of their objectives of growth, fulfillment and satisfaction.

About us


With several questions regarding the launch of my business, I was looking for the necessary tools to start it on the right foot. Jean’s coaching allowed me to become aware of the process to get there and to find the necessary confidence, this with active listening and great professionalism.
With the coaching I explored different avenues both on a personal and professional level by becoming aware of my fears and my blockages (…) Sylvie accompanies me throughout this process and equip me to find my own motivation in order to change all areas of my life. With the precious help of my coach, I realize my potential (…).
I started coaching following a job loss after several years in the same company. I no longer knew what I wanted for my future years and I doubted my worth out of this business. Jean helped me achieve what I wanted and I found a job which fits perfectly with my personal values and which highlights my strengths and qualities…… Jean is very professional, available, flexible and is totally at our service !

I was wrong to avoid talking to the bereaved about a deceased person. Fear of being clumsy and turning the iron in the wound, in the suffering. However, thanks to Sylvie’s wise advice, I dared to broach the subject of the premature death of a young woman to her bereaved parents (…)


Coaching allowed me to find myself. Before I started coaching with Sylvie, I had lost the essence of myself, I was denigrating myself and I had lost all confidence in myself. Since coaching, I have regained my self-confidence, which allows me to know myself better and to make decisions while remaining true to my personal values.

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