Jean Mongeau

Professional Coach

My 35 years of experience as a Senior Executive in sales and marketing as well as my Master of Business Administration helped me leverage my leadership, communication and strategy-making abilities within a number of companies primarily in the media, telecommunication, banking and arts and culture industries.

As a coach, I wish to harness this unique set of skills to help individuals through their personal and professional journey and lead them towards a life filled with accomplishments, growth and happiness.


Sylvie Cartier

Professional Coach

My career path as an Instructor and Human Resources Manager led me to refine my work ethics which are concentrated on the human being as a whole, but also on the development and on the growth of individuals.

Coaching is the natural outcome of my professional path and, in that sense, it accurately reflects my sincere desire to support people in their quest for fulfillment, a well-balanced and completely satisfactory life.