The essence of coaching

A coaching process can come in handy at different moments in one’s life and in all sorts of circumstances, positive ones as well as negative ones, all of which are necessary to make progress towards:

new learnings
performance enhancement
achievement of significant objectives
personal or professional transition, whether voluntary or imposed

The approach

Conditions for a fruitful and progressive approach lie on three stimulus:

The awareness

The choices

The trust

The full awareness and commitment of the coachee is required during the entire coaching process. This deep commitment will require constant work and the implementation of concrete actions.

The coach’s role is to accompany and support the coachee with the use of one on one conversation and tools for reflection, all of which aim at clarifying desired results and choosing necessary actions to initiate change on solid grounds.

The coach’s role also consists of encouraging the coachee on the path of an in-depth analysis and facilitating the way for the coachee.

Finally, the coach will ensure that the coachee takes a step back to fully assess the progress made and the learnings integrated, and that he or she takes ownership of the mechanisms of change used in order to develop autonomy and trust to meet future needs.